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Whether the film is cut by hand with special film cutting software or by hand

2022-05-11 Hits: 179 views

With the continuous popularization of high-precision 3D digital technology, it has also changed the installation process of “PPF” film: from “cutting while pasting” to “cutting first and then pasting”.

In the traditional way, the paste of  paint protective film is generally made of plastic paper to cut the film, half of the film on the ground, easy to dirty, low accuracy, trimming needs to be made on the car, inadvertently will scratch the paint; another problem is to disassemble, the construction time is long, the moisture also needs 2 weeks to 4 weeks to completely dry out. Overall, efficiency is slow, unsafe, and demanding on personnel.

Through the film cutting software, the complete body, yacht, etc. are scanned to obtain complete three-dimensional data. Through these three-dimensional data, the required film is first cut, and then it is pasted one-by-one to the car and yacht, and the efficiency is greatly improved.

Our film cutting software it is one of the most comprehensive database of paint protection film patterns in the world, covering paint, interiors, headlights, motorcycles, electronics, and more. We are also a top film cutting software supplier. It contains many types of protection kits, suitable for almost any conceivable brands and models. It also can greatly save the installation time, efficiency increased by 50%.

Accurate Pattern: The standard to develop it is to lay the film on the vehicle as naturally as possible, to avoid unnecessary stretching and twisting, and to ensure perfect alignment with vehicle body sheet metal. It avoids the need and danger of manual cutting, so it can make your trained installation personnel feel safer and more efficient, accurate, worry-free to install.

Faster Updates: Our team of engineers develops new graphics data in the software system for new cars that can be used immediately after release.

Powerful Editable Performance: To ensure customer satisfaction, with the software’s powerful graphics capabilities, you can safely and quickly edit data, wrap any edges, change coverage, and even change the design elements of a pattern to ensure that you get more perfect quality.

Better Cost Control: Our software can help our partners to better control the cost, skilled use of it, can bring better return on investment for you.

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