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Is car window film necessary ?

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Many car owners like to decorate their cars after they buy them, including foot mats, cushions, car recorders, car clothing, car film and so on. In recent years, window film is very hot, most people will film the windows and front and rear windshields of their vehicles, and some car beauty stores will offer film service when they buy a new car. So what is the role of window film? Should I apply film to my car windows? Understand after no longer entangled.

1.Blocking UV rays
For most people, the biggest use of car window film is probably block UV rays, which is also the reason why major auto beauty stores tell people the most when selling film services. According to the research and tests conducted by major cattlemen, the car window glass and front and rear windshields can be effectively blocked from UV rays (note that it is UV rays, not that it is blocked from reducing light) after the film is applied. UV blocking can protect the car occupants from the sun, especially in the hot summer when the sun is very strong, the film can effectively block part of the visible light and UV protection of the vehicle, and also can play a role in reducing the car temperature.
Most car glass is tempered glass, once it is collided, the whole piece will be cracked into pieces. In this case, if there are people in the car, it will be very dangerous, if the window glass is film can greatly reduce the killing power of broken glass. The most typical is the broken glass of the film is from the mesh cracking, and not all broken. It can effectively prevent the broken glass from splashing and injuring people, and protect the passengers in the car from being hurt.
3.Improve Privacy
Some dark colored car window film has an obvious feature, which is the one-way see-through function. It is difficult to see the specifics of the interior of the car from outside, while the interior of the car can be clearly observed from outside. Dark film on car windows can improve privacy, which is one of the main reasons why many people choose to apply, and it can also have the effect of preventing theft. Dark film can reduce the light transmission rate of the glass and affect the line of sight. Dark film does have an advantage over light film in improving the privacy of the car, but it also has a major disadvantage. Dark film on car windows can reduce the light transmission rate of the glass, which affects the line of sight. In dark environments such as night driving or rainy days, combined with the effect of black film on the windows, it becomes difficult for the driver to observe the left and right side and the rear view mirror. Therefore, in some places, car owners are required to leave a part of space in the triangle window if they have dark film, so that they can easily observe the rear view mirror and the left and right side.
So it seems that for the vehicle window film is necessary, the film can not only block UV light anti-glare, reduce the temperature inside the car, and also can do vehicle explosion-proof; prevent the car glass suddenly burst so as not to hurt the car occupants. And in the car model to improve the privacy of the vehicle at the same time, we should consider the choice of film on the issue of good light transmission, for the vehicle privacy is secondary, must ensure the safety is the most important.
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