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Difference Between Sunroof Ice Armour Film And Heat Insulation Film

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Before the product of sunroof ice armour was introduced, the window film for cars in the market could be broadly divided into two categories: thermal insulation film and explosion-proof film. Since explosion-proof film is really expensive, the common auto glass film basically belongs to thermal insulation film. We can understand the sunroof film as PPF with three functions: heat insulation, explosion-proof and sunroof protection.

The heat insulation function is derived from its thermal insulation layer – a heat-absorbing agent injected into the film through the coating process, which can absorb the heat brought by the infrared rays of the sun and keep it from entering the car, thus reducing the rate of temperature rise inside the car. Although sunroof film have the same function as heat insulation, it is not the same production as the commercially available car insulation film. Here are a few differences between skylight film and heat insulation film.
1.Sunroof film is a functional protective film for the outside of the car. When ordinary heat insulation film is applied inside the sunroof glass, the water used in the construction process is likely to cause short circuit of electronic components, and it is very easy to damage the interior when the film is baked with a grill gun. Many sunroofs have plating on the inner surface of the glass, which can be easily damaged when working from the inside. KPAL external sunroof ice armour film completely circumvents these problems. KPAL is the leading manufacturer of external sunroof ice armour film ppf film, your best choice.
2.Sunroof film is a product derived from PPF and thermal insulation film with TPU as carrier, which is equivalent to the PPF substrate into the thermal insulation coating for optical coating process, with the functions of PPF and thermal insulation film at the same time, such as UV blocking, heat blocking, scratch repair, anti-scratch and other properties. It can protect the sunroof of the car. It can protect the sunroof and reduce the damage when weaving through the forest, scraping against tree branches, and driving at high speed in the face of stone splashes. These are not available in the heat insulation film applied to the interior of the car.
3.Explosion-proof function comes from its thickness, a certain thickness is required for a window film to achieve explosion-proof function. Generally speaking, a window film with a thickness of 4 mil or more can achieve the explosion-proof effect. The thickness of ordinary thermal insulation film is usually around 2 mil, while the thickness of KPAL skylight film can be 5 times thicker! Since skylight film is an external film and does not need to be baked to close the edges, it is much less difficult to install skylight film than PET explosion-proof film in terms of construction, which is easy to construct and has a superb experience.

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