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What is the standard construction process for attaching automotive films?

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First: Wash the car

a.You need to clean the inside and outside of the car, and then drive the car to a clean, dust-free place to wait for the film. Measure the size of the window, cut the film according to the size, the size must be appropriate, if you do not grasp it accurately, the size can be slightly larger, but do not be small.

b.Clean the window glass. This step is important because if there is dirt left on the glass, even if it is only a little, it will affect the quality of the film. (Two scrapers, a hard scraper and a soft scraper (sold in general dispenser shops) should be prepared in advance).
c.Spray water on the glass (the water should be put into the detergent), first use a hard scraper to scrape the obvious dirt on the glass, and then use a soft scraper to scrape the water marks on the glass.

Second: Foil
a.Tear the film open, spray the water evenly on the film surface of the effective zhidao, and put the torn plastic film aside for later use.
b.Leave a distance of 5-10 mm above the glass to attach the water spray film surface to the car glass and fix it, If the film is slightly larger, cut off the excess film and avoid scratching the glass, then scrape the water between the glass and the film with a soft spatula. In order not to scratch the surface of the film, spray water on the pasted film surface, paste the plastic film on it, scrape the film flat with a scraper, and finally tear off the plastic film, and the whole film process is completed.
c.Finally, wipe the water marks left in the corner of the car window with deerskin.
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