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What are the pros of wrapping a car?

2022-04-13 Hits: 130 views
  1. Do not damage the original car paint and the vehicle protection is more complete: the general car paint is certainly difficult to do the same as the original car paint, and as the original paint is definitely better than the paint sprayed after the spray, and if the paint sprayed is not qualified, it will cause certain damage to the body such as rust and corrosion, etc., while the car color change film does not have this worry, the car color change filmcan isolate the contact between the car paint and the air, prevent the car paint oxidation damage, and can also make the original paint use longer.
  2. When the owner does not want this color, just remove the film on the body, leaving no traces and not hurting the original paint. And we use polymer environmental protection materials, which do not have side effects on the paint of the vehicle, and can be replaced at any time, which is very convenient for those car owners who pursue fashion.
  3. It can protect the original car paint for a long time, eliminate the cost of sealing glaze coating, and save beauty costs. Vehicles that have been coated with a film can no longer be polished and waxed and glazed, and daily maintenance only needs to be met by washing the car. Therefore, the filmed vehicle can significantly save beauty costs.
  4. It can block the high temperature of the sun and reduce the natural harm of the car. Prevents direct damage to the paint surface by ultraviolet rays, as well as ice, snow, tree branches, key marks, sun stripes, dents and stone chips. Also because the film is a polymermaterial, it can effectively prevent the corrosion of weak acids, weak alkalis and weak saltssion of weak acids, weak alkalis and weak salts.

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