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Which is better crystal or PPF?

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Plating crystal and PPF are paint maintenance and protection products, but the principle is different, and the protective effect on your car is also different. Plating crystal is a kind of chemical, which can improve brightness, enhance paint hardness, resist corrosion and scratch by crystallization on the paint surface; PPF is a kind of film with high strength and toughness. A better TPU car clothing will achieve an excellent balance between hardness and toughness. It can be worn directly on the car body to form a 360 degree non dead angle protection for the paint surface of your car.
Plating crystal mainly depends on the hardness to protect the car paint, which is weaker than car wrap film with both elasticity and hardness. When encountering inferior crystal plating products, it will also react with the paint. Generally, crystal plating can only last for half a year, which requires continuous post maintenance, which is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also a lot of expenses when the costs of frequent crystal plating are superimposed. In addition, in order to present a better effect, plating crystal will generally be polished before each construction. Frequent polishing will only make the paint thinner and thinner, which is tantamount to drinking poison to quench thirst!

PPF adopts physical protection, completely eliminating the contact between the paint and the air, avoiding the oxidation and aging of the paint, and will not cause damage to the paint. Inferior car clothes, except those with residual glue. High quality invisible car clothes have good wear resistance, scratch resistance and corrosion resistance. Generally, the warranty is 6-10 years, and some can be guaranteed for life. Although the single cost of car wrap film is a little higher than that of plated crystal, the advantage is that the service life is long, and the total cost is not more expensive than that of plated crystal, and even cost-effective.
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