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How To Clean kpal PPF Car?

2022-04-19 Hits: 150 views

Kpal PPF is a transparent protective film, which protects the car paint from injury, but also inevitably direct contact with stains.That is, it will still be dirty. Cleaning the ppf is a normal car wash, and there are some need to pay attention to.

First, the cleaning cycle of ppf car

  1. Regular car washing, once a week can be, do not need too frequent, Do not wash the car within a week after just pasting the film, and the dirt can be wiped clean with a soft and fine towel with clean water;
  2. Corrosive dirt (oil stains, dyeing, bird droppings, etc.) should be cleaned within 24 hours as much as possible, and leaving them alonewill lead to traces that are difficult to remove;

Returning to the film store for film maintenance once every six months or a year is actually a thorough cleaning of the membrane surface to remove the stubborn stains that accumulate over time.

Second, invisible car suits need to be paid attention to when cleaning

  1. Avoid the water gun directly washing the edge, which can reduce the probability of warping;
  2. Donot use unclean water for cleaning;
  3. Paint protection filmcannot be cleaned using acid-base corrosive cleaners.

All in all, ppf car is no different from normal car wash, basically, you can do it just like it doesn’t exist, and you don’t have to worry about the sun streaks when you wash your car. We must not only choose high-quality paint protection film, but also choose the leading paint protection film manufacturer.

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