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Car owners are very clear that the car running on the road is inevitable will be subject to some assault from the outside world. For example, bird feces, sand, sour rain, branches, novice driver assault, etc. After encountering these assaults, the car paint may be scratched , then the ppf can play a maximum protective paint.
The following factors need to be considered before purchasing car ppf film:

1. Purchase budget – determine the purchase range
The budget is the first thing to be determined, and it is determined that the budget will know how to choose the purchase range.
2. Identify the brand – determine the purchase criterion
There are a lot of PPF brands on the market, but not all brands are worth buying. Identifying brands is a very important part, because brand manufacturers will provide very important value-added services to after-sales and warranty.
3. Select Material – Determine Quality
Different materials of PPF are different. Take PVC material for example,this material is basically uncoatable, not only odor, but also very thin.
About the material: PPF on the market is basically divided into three, the first is the PVC material, which is hard, and easy to tear down. The second is TPU, and it is also the material of the mainstream, and it is more soft, the flexibility is better, and the time is longer. The third one is a TPU + coating, a material that is upgraded on the TPU, which greatly improves scratch resistance.
Therefore, in the material is purchased, it is recommended to select TPU or TPU + coating.
How to identify the material is PVC or TPU?
Very simple, cut a small piece of ppf, take a lighter and burned, the pungent smell is PVC, the smell is small or no smell is TPU. In addition, it is also possible to use the nail to scrape, and it is the TPU that can be restored. The recovery is PVC.
4. Does the brand have a special data cutting film?
The brand with a special-purpose data is definitely better than the brand of artificial compression. After all, the computer is tailored to better.
So, the riders don’t pay only attention to the price, because buying a bad one is not protective for the car paint,conversely will be harmful.

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