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As the global climate warms, the summer temperature is getting higher and higher. Long -term exposure to the sun will also damage the car paint. The new energy car owners represented by #Tesla is even more miserable. It can have been appreciated to enjoy the scenery by the panoramic sunroof, but now it has become a oven on top of the head.
KPAL has launched a tailor -made whole body cover for Tesla to ensure that you can experience the ultimate cool in the hot summer!
If the original car paint is white, then the KPAL KM Plus is definitely the best choice. It can not only prevent scratches, but also heal automatically. The key is the 10 -year guarantee period.What’s more, it is yellow resistance. It has no residue to tear it down, and no effect on the car paint; if the original car paint is other colors, then KA Plus, KL Plus, and KH Plus will also be better choice. If you are paint protection film manufacturer & supplier, KPAL is your best choice.

KPAL sunroof film SR100 is made of 10mil -fat TPU substrate. It can insulate heat , proof explosion , block ultraviolet rays and have high -definition vision. It has no impact on electronic products and provides you with a comfortable driving environment.
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